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Daan Utsav

An initiative by a group of friends who wanted to pass on the spirit of Giving, Daan Utsav is now a national event spreading the joy and happiness of benevolence everywhere. The spirit of Daan Utsav is evident in a conscious manner in which people contribute to the society by actively participating rather than solely relying on monetary donations. You could choose to look after your household mashi after she retires or you could work to create a program where the homeless get their food for free.

Any manner through which you are giving, and adding positively to another individual’s life can be a recognized initiative during Daan Utsav.

With a participation of over 50 lakh individuals across 120 cities through 1200 events, Daan Utsav is gaining momentum with more people supporting the initiative and wanting to give back to society.

Samman Awards

Whether one is distributing care packages to the poor or feeding the dogs of their para (locality), we celebrate Giving in all its forms. The Samman awards is a show of appreciation, celebrating activities and acts which resonate with the True Spirit of Giving, thereby identifying the initiative. The recipients of the Samman Awards are characterized by their efforts which colour their calendars throughout the year and not just the first week of October. The joy of spreading happiness and an individual’s response to the welfare of his community is what makes Samman Awards a special initiative.

The awardees of the Samman Awards are selected based on the activity and the success of the activity. Participants of these awards fall under three segments largely - Individuals, Groups, and Corporates.

Ranging from activities concerned with education and women’s empowerment to the distribution of basic necessities such as food and clothes to health and hygiene; the Samman Awards prove that all one has to do to make a difference is to start, no matter how small the act may be. The Daan Utsav Samman initiative is supported by the M. P. Birla group, who plays a crucial role in recognizing the efforts of individuals and communities doing a good deed everyday.

The Samman Awards act as a platform of recognition to honour the achievement and hard work of its winners. Apart from the joy they receive from contributing to their communities selflessly, the Samman Awards is like a stage of appreciation and an act of social acknowledgment. They shall also be featured prominently on all our social media platforms to spread the good word and celebrate goodness.