**Upload your stories in doc,pdf and jpg format only. You cannot upload more than 7 files at one go and each file should not exceed 2MB. The total upload cannot exceed 10MB.


The Samman awards are trying to be easily accessible so that everyone is able to share the contributions they have made to society and spread the message of ‘Giving’.

When submitting your entry for the Samman Awards, one should carefully go through the site and list the various documents one will need to collect and submit.

The category for participants is divided into the following categories: Individuals, Groups, and Corporates.

We have two methods through which one can submit forms for being considered for the Samman awards.


Our website acts as a portal for the submission of entries and for filling up the form. Educational institutions and Housing Associations need to have their respective activities authorized and verified by the Head of your Institutions or the Chairperson of the Association/ Housing Complex for it to be approved as an entry.


The different documents and forms that shall be required to verify your contributions are outlined below. It is to be noted that without the following attachments, your entry will not be considered a valid entry. Moreover, these evidences will be verified with respective authority members in order to be considered as an entry for Samman Awards.

  • A cover letter which takes us through your many initiatives and activities, while also attaching pictures as supportive evidence. Videos or presentations are also welcome on a cd but one should remember that these may only be submitted in hard copy and so will have to delivered or mailed to our office.
  • Documents supporting your activities, whether they are bills or thank-you letters from NGOs are a mandatory requirement.

Alternatively, you can also download the form from our website and after having gathered the required documents and completed the form; you can drop it at our office (address).

If you feel that you have responsibly helped the society around you and are interested in participating in the Samman Awards, click on the respective category below.


If you are an individual looking to share your stories for the samman awards.

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(Schools, Housing Society, Pujo Committee, Colleges)

If you are a group looking to share your stories for the samman awards.

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(MNC's, SME's, Business Organizations)

If you are a corporate looking to share your stories for the samman awards.

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