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Housing Societies

Daan Utsav Arogya Samman 2017- Nirupama Apartment Owners’ Association

Nirupama Apartment Owners’ Association really exemplifies the strong community ties which every housing complex/association hopes to build. When their caretaker Shri Umesh Thakur was diagnosed with cancer, they collected and donated 2 lakhs to help cover the cost of various tests and medicines incurred during his illness.

Housing Societies

Daan Utsav Shiksha Samman 2017 - Satya Residency

Education is the foundation on which we build our future. Satya Residency decided that the best place to start contributing to the community was at home. Hence, the residents of the association undertook the responsibility of providing free tuition to the children of the maids working at their own homes.

Housing Societies

Daan Utsav Harit Samman 2017 - Westwind Residents’ Welfare Association

With vision and determination, Westwind Residents’ Welfare Association have proven that it’s possible to make the city a greener place. Within the confines of their complex they have been able to create a natural haven where:

  • Upto 36 species of birds come to find rest and sustenance
  • The resident ducks have been given their very own duck-bungalow for better living.

One can see the Samman award being proudly displayed near their Duck-bungalow.

Housing Societies

Daan Utsav Kalyan Samman 2017 - BC Block Residents’ Association

WDaan Utsav applauds all forms of community contribution whether it is big or small. BC Block Residents’ Association are building a safer and more harmonious community one step at a time.

  • They hold regular meetings with the local authorities to ensure that their neighborhood is free from antisocial elements.
  • Several CCTV cameras have been placed strategically along with lights, to stop and deter kidnapping or snatching.

Housing Societies

Daan Utsav Uttam Saarvik Samman 2017 - Ultadanga Sangrami

With several activities and donation drives throughout the year, Ultadanga Sangrami Housing Society’s contribution can’t be missed.

  • Distribution of school materials such as books, stationery, tiffin boxes and donation to needy students highlight their dedication to improving the lives of those less fortunate.
  • Weekly distribution of medicine for free to those in need.

Housing Societies

Daan Utsav Sarvottam Saarvik Samman 2017 - Golf Green Sarodotsava Committee

As winners of this award, Golf Green Sarodotsava Committee epitomizes the essence of Daan Utsav. By making commitments which lasts years as well as engaging in enterprises which require a considerable level of commitment and participation, this housing committee illustrates the joy that we get from giving.

  • Undertaking the expenses catering to academics for two students. They also distributed the required books to 10 students in need.
  • Planting trees along with the safe sterilization of their neighborhood pups were some popular green activities. Their No Plastic Society campaign and training was in particularly a lovely idea.

Schools & Colleges

Daan Utsav Shiksha Samman 2017 - South Point School

South Point School embodies the ‘Spirit of Education’ which characterises this award. Sandipan, an initiative of the school opened its premises to hold an evening school held by their teachers. As a free school, the teachers volunteered their time and knowledge.They covered a number of fields such as the prerequisite subjects like Maths & English, Computers, Arts and more. They have a lovely library for the evening students, the books of which has been donated by the children of South Point.

Schools & Colleges

Daan Utsav Kalyan Samman 2017 - Sri Sri Academy

As one of India’s Top 3 Community outreach schools, Sri Sri Academy shows us why they are so lauded. From the youngest to the oldest, every student at Sri Sri showed us how to give without holding back.

  • They also held several donation drives where the children were encouraged to donate blankets, old and new clothes, and other such items. These were distributed between amongst initiatives such as Goonj, Sabera Foundation, a collection drive for the Sundarbans and other NGOs.
  • They held workshop trainings catering to essential life skills like first aid training and putting fire out.

Schools & Colleges

Daan Utsav Naveen Samman 2017 - Delhi Public School (Ruby Park)

To be able to make a change by thinking creatively and implement them successfully is what makes the Naveen Samman shine in this category. The students of DPS, Ruby Park have used the space and materials already available to them to do more.

  • They came up with the idea of a ‘Vertical Garden’ allowing them to increase the green without needing an increase in space, thereby utilizing what they already have with them.
  • Each classroom created its own ‘Green Corner’, thereby accomplishing two things at once. It teaches them how to nurture the sapling and the plants to live greener lifestyle.

Schools & Colleges

Daan Utsav Ujjwal Samman 2017 - Bharat Tirtha Vidyapeet

Bharat Tirtha Vidyapeet started out as an informal class of 7 students being taught by the youth of the locality. The students come from underprivileged homes, where their parents working as vegetable vendors don’t have the time and the money to give them an education or spend time with them. Seeing the need for such services, some land was purchased to establish the building which would house this wonderful initiative.

  • It is the first unaided private school in the district to have amenities like a computer room, a toy bank, spacious classrooms, a playground, and several toilets.
  • The faculty of the school includes housewives and other individuals who dedicate their time, knowledge, and affection to these children for the joy of it.

Schools & Colleges

Daan Utsav Sarvottam Saarvik Samman 2017 -Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

The school’s dedication to altruism and to giving back to the community can be attested to by the many initiatives they have undertaken.

  • Several of their students have contributed hours to the Swayam NGO. As a school they have drives to collect blood, blankets, money and anything they think is in need for donation to the NGOs
  • Banning plastic, responsible waste disposal, changing to LED lights to conserve electricity, growing saplings and plants, restriction on the usage of facilities like the AC and lift, compost pits and even more, are initiatives which are creating a more environmentally aware generation.

Schools & Colleges

Daan Utsav Uttam Saarvik Samman 2017 -Delhi Public School, Megacity

TAs a school, Delhi Public School is responsive to the needs of the society in general. With several initiatives, these were some of their unique ones.

  • They undertook the full financial responsibility of educating less privileged children and have absorbed them into their mainstream classes. They have created rural libraries with a book bank of 3000 books and textbooks.
  • They have adopted the Kuluberia village and have made it their mission to introduce positive ecological and social changes. From planting 250 trees, to building toilets, distributing clothes and more, DPS is introducing the village to a better life.

Past Achievers

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Aug 23, 2013